Does Chocolate Tea Really Exist?

Have you heard of a thing called chocolate tea and wondered “what is that thing? There’s no such thing is there”?

Well I’m here to tell you, yes Chocolate Tea exists.

If you have followed our posts for some time, you know we have featured a caffeine alternative to coffee called Cocoa Nibs in the article — 4 Healthy Caffeine Fixes – No Coffee or Soda Required.

chocolate vanilla tea

Nope, this is not quite what I’m talking about.

But in this article, I’m not talking about tea lattes with chocolate powder added to them or brewed tea added with chocolate syrup.

I’m talking about tea leaves with cacao nibs in them.

Cacao nibs are cacao beans that have been roasted, peeled and cut or crushed to smaller pieces, not mushed or ground yet to make it into chocolate.

They have the natural dark chocolate subtle flavour that depends on how they were roasted.  Don’t expect for the taste of cacao nibs added to tea leaves in a brew to be as obvious as drinking hot chocolate, but the aroma can come out and the hint of chocolate familiarity is there without the added calories.

Cocoa Haven - photo from

Real chocolate tea. Cocoa haven is one out of many tea with cacao nibs.

For chocoholics, this Chocolate tea, a.k.a. loose leaf with cacao nibs, is a healthier way of enjoying a cup with chocolate and caffeine for it is less in fat.

Cocoa Haven – photo from

Cocoa Haven – photo from

For tea lovers, this is a great cuppa with a different flavour to offer.  Also soothing with the familiar aroma of chocolate and great as a dessert tea.

If you want to know different “Tea for Chocoholics” click on the link to see the different blends.