The Truth About Detoxification

A wide array of herbs and other compounds are being touted as beneficial for detoxification and weight loss. While there are excellent herbal formulas which do support detoxification, most blends on the market are either ineffective, harsh, or simply laxatives.

It is important to understand what detoxification is.

Our bodies are constantly detoxifying wastes which are formed as the body performs processes necessary for life. Stress creates a great deal of toxins which result in illnesses and rapid aging.

Our bodies’ continuously eliminate toxins from air, water, medications, and food.  The body detoxifies pollutants which we come into contact with as we work, play, and sleep.

We have many organs of detoxification. When we breathe, we take in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide.  Carbon dioxide is a waste product which is eliminated via the work of our lungs and bloodstream.

Harmful compounds from our entire bodies are eliminated when we urinate or defecate.

Sweating is a form of detoxification.  In fact, our largest organ of detoxification is our skin. Our livers, kidneys, and immune systems are supreme detoxifiers.

Now that you have a better understanding about how detoxification works, you may begin to see why selecting the right herbs for detoxification is essential. Detoxification can aid with weight loss as it helps every cell in your body function more efficiently.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurvedic practitioners have recognized the importance of using herbs to aid detoxification for thousands of years.

They know that the herbs chosen must provide gentle, deep support for the entire body.  Gentle does not mean weak. It means that the herbs do not create a crisis in the body which only leads to more problems.

Some detoxifying blends cause rapid temporary weight loss by promoting an increase in urination and bowel movements.  In truth, these blends cause more harm than good.  They may precipitate discomfort, release toxins too quickly, and any weight loss is only temporary.

Skin problems, cramps, anxiety, and weakness may arise.  True detoxification blends restore the entire body to optimal health.


Are you sure you are drinking the correct detox tea?

I recommend the use of herbal teas for detoxification.  They support total body detoxification.  The teas help to flush out wastes more efficiently than capsules, or pills.

It is important to purchase high quality detoxification herbs from reputable companies as you do not want to be adding toxins into your system.

Detoxification teas are best used on a continual basis. Various blends are available which can meet your individual needs. For example, you may want to use one blend to get started, and then focus on a specific health concern.

Good blends support total body detoxification. You can choose a blend which helps you to achieve your particular goals. For example, you may choose a tea which is specially blended to help you achieve a healthy weight or improve the appearance of your skin.


Detoxification is a natural process. Choose a tea which works with your body.  Avoid detoxification blends which overpower your body, are ineffective, or create undesirable actions. Instead choose a tea which will help you to achieve your health goals, improve your level of vitality, and enable you to enjoy life to its fullest.

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