The Reasons Why I Drink Tea Brewed From Loose Leaves and Tea Infusers

I wanted to share that I have been a tea drinker for the longest time and I brew my own tea.

I love my loose leaf tea from Australia.  This is because I do not use tea bags anymore for a couple reasons.  Below are a few of my points I usually share with my friends when I try to covert them or at least educate them since no big industry tea company will.

  • teabagChopped up tea, the most common in a lot of famous grocery tea brands, allows fast evaporation of aroma and oils of tea as well.  It can give off darker colour for some teas though, but color doesn’t neccessarily mean a better tea.
  • Most tea bags are made of paper.  This means that essential oils from tea leaves that give off great flavor and preserve the freshness of tea leaves could transfer to the paper. The result — the faint taste of no-longer-fresh tea and of paper.
  • Tea leaves expand the best in correctly-proportioned tea infusers. Tea bags limit the capacity of tea to expand due to the small rectangular size and shape.  This could result to tea not brewed to its best potential.
  • Small Infuser

    Small Ball Infuser –

    Tea pyramids may allow for better expansion of tea leaves but, most out there are made of nylon a.k.a synthetic polymer fiber.  When heated, these may release harmful chemicals.  I’d rather not risk it.

  • Lastly, for this quick post, I like seeing my expanded loose leaf tea after brewing my tea.  I like seeing how fresh the tea leaves were before they were dried.

I’m a food adventurer but that doesn’t mean I can’t be picky, especially when it comes to quality. ?

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