Best Teas To Drink For Every Season

It is best to change the tea you drink as our bodies change per season.

Traditional Chinese Medicine experts and Ayurvedic practitioners have recognized for thousands of years the importance of taking the seasons into account when optimizing health.

We are all familiar with the changes in our lives which occur seasonally just as every culture worldwide acknowledges the changing of each season, no matter how subtle or pronounced it is in their locale.


Spring: A Fresh Start

Bright balance detox to freshen up for spring

Bright Balance Detox

Spring is traditionally a sign of new birth, love, fertility, and expansion.

Teas which are outstanding for the spring of the year are detoxifying blends which rid the body of stagnation from winter.

Green teas reflect the grass and new beginnings.

Lemony, citrusy, blends are wonderful this time as they reflect the increasing light of the season.

Recommendations:  Aussie Green Tea, Bright Balance Detox

Caffeine-free recommendation:  Cleanse


Summer: Full on Steamy Heat

Bon Bon great hot or cold

Bon Bon

Summer is joyful, and free. It’s time to go to the beach!

Teas which are great for summer include floral blends, cooling mints, tropical blends, and flavored green and black teas.

Enjoy fruity, light flavors as hot or chilled tea.

Have fun making iced tea.  It is an American classic which transports well to picnics, sporting events, and family reunions.

Recommendations:  Bon Bon White TeaPina Colada

Caffeine-free recommendation:  Peppermint Tea


Autumn: Reap the Rewards of the Harvest

Cinnamon Apple Black tea

Cinnamon Apple Tea

Autumn represents home and hearth.  It’s also the time of year to increase our intake of teas which strengthen and prepare our bodies for winter.

It would be great to try Apple, and spice to warm the soul as we begin to turn inward.

Black teas, chai, and rich, complex flavors echo the harvest.

Sweet, spicy, tart, and hearty teas are also excellent choices at this time of year.

Recommendations:  Cinnamon Apple Tea,  Spicy Chai Tea

Caffeine-free recommendation:  Vanilla Rooibos Tea


Winter: Solemn and Grounding

Cocoa Haven dark choc black tea

Cocoa Haven tea (delicious black tea with cacao)


Winter is a time of reflection.

Restful, soulful blends help us to look inward and discover our deepest selves.  Dark teas with cocoa nibs, and restorative teas which are packed with antioxidants soothe best at this time.

Also, teas which contain super-fruits enhance our immune health to promote wellness.

While spicy, warming teas that contain ginger and other homey spices help center and warm us.

Recommendations:  Cocoa Haven Tea, Refresh Tea (green tea + mate)

Caffeine-free recommendation:  Ginger Kiss


Drink Tea Year Round

Drink teas seasonally. It will enhance your level of wellness and help you to harmonize with the earth’s natural cycles. Pay attention to how you feel as you sip your tea. You will soon become adept at selecting teas which meet your needs each season. I suggest that you keep a well-rounded supply of teas on hand. Just as each season offers variety, you will want to have a wide array of delicious delights available to savor alone or with friends and family.