5 Interesting Youtube Videos That Show Tea is FUN

YouTube videos have increased through the years and videos about tea are definitely not an exception.

Creativity (probably induced by the caffeine in the tea they have been drinking) have been showcased in these videos, showing a lot of talent and ideas of tea coming from everywhere.

Here are my favorite top tea videos on YouTube so far:

(1) How It’s made – Tea

The fun is in seeing the process. How It’s Made videos are very entertaining as you get a doze of trivia-worthy information as well.

(2) BuzzFeedBlue – Cups of Tea Around The World

Travel around the world with tea via this BuzzFeedBlue video. A bit of tea geography lesson as well. ?

(3) Blue Seat Studios – Tea Consent

Warning: PG-13 A funny metaphor. Watch it to know what I mean.

(4) High Tea

The quirky cuteness of High Tea is just so darn interesting.

(5) BuzzFeedVideo – Why Tea is Obviously Better Than Coffee

For all of us on Team Tea. Or just for the fun of poking at coffee while knowing more about tea benefits.


Honorable mention:
IamIgor – Tea Partay

Tea-song-singing-funny-guy-from-2006. ?


So, that’s my list of top 5 fun tea videos.

I hope you enjoyed this video compilation post. If you have other suggestions, feel free to write them below.