4 Healthy Caffeine Fixes—No Coffee or Soda Required
Caffeine, as some people claim, is what make some people go through their days.  They get their fix through coffee or soda but when they want to explore healthier options, they turn to caffeine in tea.

This article from Shape.com gives us more alternatives to sourcing out caffeine.

4 Healthy Caffeine Fixes—No Coffee or Soda Required

When you need energy but you don’t feel like hitting the coffee shop or vending machine, try one of these healthy caffeinated foods or drinks instead

As anyone who’s gone on a sugar detox knows, the sweet stuff is majorly addictive. So we always assumed that soda cravings were a sign that your body was crying out for it. But as it turns out, the reason you’re dying for a Coke may be for the caffeine fix, not the sugar high. (Learn Everything You Need To Know About Sugar.)

In a move designed to secretly monitor their soda intake, researchers from Australia, New Zealand, and Thailand asked 99 young adults to “taste test” a lemon-flavored soft drink; some participants received a caffeinated version, while others were given decaf. The findings: The people drinking the stimulant-spiked sodas gulped down about 53 percent more than the rest (419 ml, compared to 273 ml in the decaf group).

While soda is a great occasional treat, it’s best as an indulgence, since too much is a surefire recipe for weight gain. (Check out the other Worst Drinks for Your Body.) The no-brainer substitute is coffee. But if you’re not in the mood for java, you can get your caffeine fix from one of these four energizing foods and drinks instead.