Jasmine Dragon Pearls White Tea

We hear this all the time - a customer comes to us, looking for Buddha Tears.

Jasmine Dragon Pearls is often marketed as Buddha Tears.

In the world of clever marketing, sure, changing to a fanciful name is hardly a crime.

I am not crying any tears (pun not intended) over the loss of the more poetic name. Yes, we are a bit stubborn, we are sticking to the direct translation of the Chinese original name – “Mu Lei Long Ju”, means Jasmine Dragon Pearls.

So consumers can understand comparing jasmine dragon pearls with jasmine dragon pearls – that makes sense, right?

So what is Jasmine Dragon Pearls (Buddha Tears)?

Jasmine Dragon Pearls originated as a white tea – a fine one I must add, with delicate yet mesmerising jasmine flavour naturally “impressed” onto the tea leaves before they are rolled into tiny beads by hand.

Many tea merchants are selling Buddha Tears or Jasmine Dragon Pearls, but I doubt if they themselves even knew authentic Jasmine Dragon Pearls are made of white tea.

Watch this video to find out more about the true Jasmine Dragon Pearls.

In the above video:

Today, we’re going to talk about a very beautiful tea. Jasmine Dragon Pearls, you may know that as Buddha tears.

A lot of people actually out there are selling it as Buddha Tears and we being a bit stubborn, we are trying to stick to the perhaps to its more accurate name.

For this particular kind of tea because, actually the Chinese name which is “Mu Lei Long Ju”, means Jasmine Dragon Pearls.

So, we are just pretty much following that using the direct translation of this tea.

The special thing about this tea, besides the really beautiful fragrant brew coming from this very lovely, very small tea leaves, but in fact often is part of this brew, is this lovely little pearls.

Each one of them is usually like a leaf or two leaves with a pot and then they turn into these little beads.

Each one of them is about 1 cm wide sometimes they are little bit bigger or small.

The important thing is Jasmine Dragon Pearls is an authentic version white tea.

Now, you can definitely get green tea ones around I have seen it in some of the shops and in the shopping malls and to think about this is if you know that you’re buying green tea and you’re paying green tea price that’s perfectly cool.

But if you’re paying white tea price which is usually quite a bit more than green tea and you’re getting a green tea version and you know, I just don’t think you’re getting a good deal.

This tea is beautiful, fragrant, if you love jasmine green tea from Yum Cha; this is certainly your tea.

You will upgrade your palate and you can never look back.

This is just such an amazing tea and just drop a few pearls into a cup, pour in a hot water and let it brew.

Being a white tea a lot of people say that it has actually everything that green tea has but a lot more is more potent.

I love it as a really more flavor light tea.

Just to chill with my husband … in the morning. Wake him up very gently; it’s really nice tea that its best enjoy ….

No sugar for me, milk forget about all that, it is just a lovely tea on its own.

And it’s great just enjoy that without any worries about … you know daily tools, I just enjoy it.

So this is your Jasmine Dragon Pearl introduction, I hope you would take time to have a look at that on our website Teas.com.au.

And get some and give it a try. You’ll really love it.