Why Leaf Tea is Better than Teabag


TeabagIn the above video: Good ol’ teabags, well they have been around for a little while.

Of course tea really started being enjoyed as just loose leaf form and through industrialization, tea bags become this commercial jiggle thingy that we all come to know and some of us have fallen in love with it.

Well I have fallen out of love with it for quite some time, about 10 years or so.

The reason of the change is simply because tea leaves taste so much better.

If you have ever torn a tea bag open like what we did with this tea here, the stuff inside is just shockingly tiny.

Basically the problem is that in order for tea leaves to go into tea bags, it has to be chopped up.

These forms of commercial tea bags, usually got about 2 grams of tea that is chopped into this grade called dust and essentially what you are getting a just a cup of brown liquid.

It’s not really having tea in taste; in fact you may have already experienced that.

Then you chuck it out of tea bag and trying to get a decent flavour out of it.

It doesn’t really have much aroma and the actual tea flavour is gone.

So the tea has been really highly processed and you don’t get a decent cup of tea out of it.

Usually a lot of tea bags are not very fresh as well.

OolongEven though you may pick them up easily from the supermarket and you may say, it only take 3 minutes to make a cup of tea from tea bag and it’s so convenient, the truth really is you are only downgrading yourself when you do stuff like that.

Speaking of convenience, I can also actually show you really easy way to make tea and that is using infusers.

I’ve got one here and let’s just imagine you are using a mug, you can just use an infuser like this one that we have. This one is designed as a cup holder infuser and as you saw before it just sits in the side of the mug and very handy.

So just put tea leaves in, put on the side of the mug, pour hot water in and you’re good to go.

How different is that to dunking a tea bag?

Honestly – not really different. The time spent is really identical.

Once you are finished pouring just tip out the stuff, whether you want to chuck it in in the compost bin or chuck it into a rubbish bin, it’s easy rinse and go and you’re good.

The fact that this 3 minutes that you spent here is far more valuable, giving you a much better enjoyment in terms of the flavour of the tea comparing to this little jiggly thingy, it’s really not worthwhile to just go and downgrade yourself that way.

And of course you might also argue that leaf tea seems is so much more expensive I have to break this into to you, in fact it’s not.

There are actually two sides of this argument, first is if you actually go in comparing tea bags process to loose leaf tea and I have compared that with a higher end pure pyramid tea bags from David Jones, comparing to the cheaper ones from Officeworks where you get your good English breakfast, leaf tea is about the same price.

puerh aftdinner jasgreen3In fact it can be cheaper, like the English Breakfast, we got an organic English Breakfast, 200 grams and for 14.60 retail as of today and comparing to Officeworks, you get the same amount of tea in tea bags form for $20.

So why do you do that?

Spending and excess 6 bucks for what?

Think about it, it’s actually not more expensive to enjoy more a lot of loose leaf tea.

The other thing is, in order to really try that good tea out there you have to go into leaf tea.

The good teas are not available in tea bag, end of story.

You do that you’re killing the tea.

You just simply cannot get the authentic taste of tea leaves when you are just drinking it from a tea bag.

Have a bit of thinking about that and if you’re a bit more inclined to do something for the environment, the tea bags are not completely compostable.

Some tea bags can, sort of going into a compost bin, but they would not totally decompose.

So think about that if you are thinking of something better for the environment.

Your loose leaf tea can easily go into the plants, just like what we sometimes do here.

So overall, leaf tea is giving you better quality tea to drink, quite possibly cheaper and quite possibly giving you more cups of serving with same amount of tea leaves.

Some tea leaves you can actually re-use for every spoonful of tea.

It’s much better and gentler to the environment comparing to the tea bags.

So I hope have convinced you to have a look at leaf tea.

If you have any questions or if you have experienced moving from tea bags to leaf tea, I definitely would like to hear them. Drop those comments, feedback and stories into the comment box underneath this video.