Where to Buy Tea in Australia

In the above video: Wanting to buy tea?

There are many teashops out there and also there are online shops like us now.

So where to buy tea in Australia or where is the best place?

I will give you these suggestions or tips.

The first one is actually to look at what you want to buy.

Because everyone or every different tea supplier has got their own strength, like some of them are good with selling Japanese tea like the Matcha powder, like the Gyokuro and that sort of thing.

Then there are others who are good at selling Oolong, like they got special connections and they can bring in those types of teas.

Of course, there are others who are selling tea bags, and there are also these several other places that sell herbals especially naturopaths and herbalist.

There are also people who are also selling white tea, yellow tea, and all those different sorts.

So it really goes back to what you are interested in.

If you’re a tea curious just like us then you would probably want to find somewhere that has got good range.

Of all kind of those wonderful things and the most important thing is that if they are able to tell you much more about it.


I once walked-in to a very well-known Taiwanese tea shop that is set-up here in Sydney and I was trying to strike up a conversation with them and they could not tell me a single thing about Oolong. That is very disappointing because that tea shop is very much about Oolong.

So when it’s like that, you cannot progress and you can’t learn from them. That’s a difficult thing.

Some people are better at face to face thing and some have got some interesting, embarrassing question that they want to ask and they just don’t know where to go so the online tea shops are a much easier option for them.

And of course, we are all so busy now a days and buying tea online is actually going to give you this flexibility to shop even at midnight in your pyjamas.

We don’t discriminate if you are buying from online tea shops like us.

There are some people that would rather have that almost scratch and sniff sort of tangible feeling and also when you walk in a tea shop, you get that different feel.

We found out that generally a tea ware usually sells better in an actual physical environment because you can see how big it is and have a look.

For tea, often you will find out online tea shops would do you a very good job.

They’re not just simply a place for bargains anymore.

Woman holding teacup

The whole e-commerce thing has really changed and matured. You can buy very good teas there.

In fact a lot of tea suppliers like us prefer to sell tea on line.


We can actually allocate our resources more to us getting you a better tea rather than paying, the least, for humongous shop or paying for some staff.

We can re-allocate that money to get you the best deal.

From that, it also because we don’t typically sell the branded stuff, branded tea obviously attracts “brand cost”, when we buy them from those big name guys.

So we are putting more money in the power of buying better tea, and you get better value out of it.

Have a think about, first what kind of tea you are looking for, whether you can find a tea shop online or offline that can accommodate and understand those needs of yours and satisfy them of course.

And also, find a supplier that is willing to talk to you and help you in finding the right tea.

I hope this is useful in buying tea in Australia whether it is offline or online. I’ll catch you next time.

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