Hello, is it Love that you are looking for

Without doing a terrible Lionel Richie impersonation, I would like to ask you,
“Why tea?”

Yes, of all beverages in this entire universe, why drink the humble tea?

Achieve balance? Certainly getting pretty hard.

All the bings, dings and rings.
Want stuff yesterday.
We promote making a good cup of tea from leaf tea as it slows us down, taking breaks to regroup and refresh the body and mind.
So “what’s love got to do with it”?
(ok, without a terrible Tina Turner impersonation here)
There is perfect logic to this – if you drink tea slowly in this hyper speedy world, it’s not because you have 25 hours a day instead of 24, but because you CHOOSE to take time for yourself,  to regroup and refresh the body and mind.
Now that’s a whole truck load of SELF LOVE (time to give yourself a kiss, I am not looking ? )
So with a whole lot of LOVE and ahem, celebrity pseudo endorsement as above, Teas.com.au has been madly spreading the word of good tea for 10 years – why to drink and how to drink, and what to drink! Our 150 tea range is a representation of our love of all kinds of tea, yet selective enough to only pick the premium ones that suit the Australian market.
These days websites are becoming some complex to navigate – it’s a bit like walking into a huge library (remember those QUIET places?). So just a quick tour, we have 3 websites:
1) Teas.com.au the ecommerce online ship
2) Empiroteas.com.au the B2B trade info site.
We offer quality tea with quality pre-sale and after sale support.
So, ALL you need is LOVE (now where is that Beatles CD?) ?
Tell us why you LOVE tea in the comment box below – share the LUV!

rose tea and rose tea hearts