5 Tea You Should Try This Year

Recently I heard this: If you treat your friends like the way you treat yourself, you won’t have any friends left! This is quite true! We often forget to take care of “little old me”. So this year, I dare you to become your own best friend – treat yourself with great tea, and savour the good tea moment with good leaf tea.

A simple start here: here are our suggestions –

Rose oolong – In Asia, Oolong is THE great digestive tea. Over there, many weight loss tea has an oolong component. I personally love it for its “layers” of taste – 1st brew tends to be light and more floral because of the rose. The 2nd and 3rd brew the true taste of the gradually open oolong full leaves come through with amazing taste. So, go on and be an onion, love those layers (think Shrek) ?

Jasmine Dragon Pearls – this Chinese white tea is like a classy upgrade to your . Many love its floral taste, and its digestive magic.

Rooibos – Having a love-hate relationship with standard black tea? Want tea for your morning milk and sugar tea ritual but want to do without caffeiene?We have the “tea-less tea”,  the South African red bush tea, Rooibos for you! Rooibos tastes kind of like black tea. You can drink it with milk and sugar some you can complete your morning ritual!

Chrysanthemum – Chrysanthemum is as popular to Chinese as Chamomile to many western cultures. Very mellow and slight sweet taste. Chrysanthemum goes well with a drizzle of honey. Many Chinese say Chrysanthemum is the standard home detoxing remedy to dampen that “internal heat” caused by too much eating out and many late nights.

Organic Black Chai – Not the “Spiced Milk” version you find in most cafes! Indulge in a cup of real chai! Organic Black Chai is an aromatic mix of chai spices and black tea. Chai is a great alternative to hot chocolate. Yummy with milk and honey.

You deserve better quality tea. Because:

  1. it’s actually quite cheap comparing to buying a massage chair, and
  2. if you give yourself that 5-10 min to have a micro pause and enjoy making and drinking a good cuppa, then you would become calmer and perform better after the tea break (the workaholic part of me talking here).

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