White Tea – Silver Needle


Silver Needle

Silver Needle

In the above video: Anybody know what it is, its not milk with your tea. White tea, let me show you…it is and this one kind of white tea called it Silver Needle.

White tea is really unique, and why is that comparing to your normal tea leaves, that is typically full leaf get chopped up go through a lot of processing then it becomes your tea.

Silver Needle, in particular in terms of white tea, you have to enjoy its purity, simplicity because, they essentially just go and pluck the top shoot tea buds from the tea plant, withered them and dry them and you’ll necessary sort them to turn into this.

These little guys are very rare in the sense that it’s not just plugging them that you need TLC but the whole process you need to be sure that you don’t break them because they are actually very brittle.

Silver Needles is your top notch white tea, there are definitely cheaper white teas around and you’ll find that the larger the leaf the lower the grade typically was Silver Needles.

Silver Needles or generally white tea is also known for its very light brew hence white tea.

If you look at it, it is definitely very light in taste as well as in color. In fact some of our customer says “It taste like of a water.”

Might was well, go and get a glass of water have a sip, come back and try this out.

You will then enjoy that subtle flavor that is some people describe as sweet morning dew kind of flavor.

It’s quite you know just gently invigorating your senses it’s quite unique.

Silver Needle Zhenghe

Silver Needle Zhenghe

With Silver Needles, there are actually two main kinds and they’re both from a province called Fujian in China.

But essentially, the very end process when it comes to drawing what they do to it.

This one here is naturally dry, sun dry if weather permits. This one here is oven dry, so as you can see it is actually darker in color.

May not show very well on the screen here but because it is oven dry it also means that the brew typically will be a little bit… just a tiny bit stronger in taste.

And also the flavors, some people kind of explain it kind of floral, not really floral but just have that tinge that might remind you that it just seem honey bit more fragrant.

First is this one, once the leaves are brewed, they’re kind of green and it’s got a slightly rawer type of taste to it.

Now, there are different strokes for different folks, there are people who like the lighter one, and there are certain people who prefer the darker one.

This method is typically use in Fuding, this one is done in Zhenghe they’re both in Fujian province.

So, there are two different methods to finish the Silver Needle, and this is something that not a lot of tea supplier knows about as well.

So you got to serve or just have a little when you buy them and also just to see if they actually know how long ago are these, you know, have a search because obviously it will affect the freshness of the tea.

Silver Needle Fuding

Silver Needle Fuding

They are beautiful to drink both of them Zhenghe and Fuding. Not a lot of difference in my brew here today but if you do actually find the Fuding one you’ll probably will find that it’s actually, typically a little bit stronger in taste. They settle tea as much, really settle.

But it is beautiful tea to drink especially, if you like green tea.

I would definitely, definitely recommend you to just give this one a go because, it’s just so unique.

Silver Needles does really it’s very much in the mercy of the weather because, they are just so rare and they’re definitely less and less tea farmers doing them now in China.

So, every year we do find the price keep going up and the quality keeps going down.

It is socially something that is very frustrating for us and I think because, White tea now has been talk a lot more in the western world.

There are different allied countries who are trying to produce white tea but the quality is really not quite there.

So, when you buy them just keep an eye on this couple of things whether they look kind of greenish color, whether they look brownish color, do not necessarily mean that one is better than another as such but it could be also simply to imply whether how they were made.

I have seen the small and this, but again you know you got to definitely just try to find out more about your white tea before you purchase I suppose.