Looking for teabags…

Looking for teabags?

You may be looking for the big names like Twinning, Lipton, Tetley, TWG, or others like Abeya Gold, T2, or Dilmah?

That’s the sort of tea flooded the mass market and for most tea drinkers, that’s good enough.

But as tea specialist, we got to tell you there are zillions better tea out there only exist in leaf form.

Supermarket tea is like burger from MacDonald’s, which was created from an industrial process to ensure utmost uniformity. Would you eat at McDonald’s everyday?

You deserve more quality tea. It’s like if you can drive a nicer car, would you prefer that to driving an old rust bucket?

The idea of making a cup of tea with leaf tea is troublesome is really a “myth”.  The change is in the mindset – imagine, spoon leaf tea in infuser inside teapot, then hot water in. 2 minutes later pour out your favourite cup of tea. Ready to enjoy.

The wash up is super simple. Tip out brewed leaves from infuser to bin. Rinse and done. My 6 year old can manage that.

It’s time to upgrade your tea experience, because you are what you eat (drink) ?

Still not sure? Check out this video – Tea Bag vs Leaf Tea 

In the above video: Hi, are you a tea drinker? Are you looking at changing or upgrading your tea experience? Well, often we get customer asking us why stop buying tea bag? Or why should I change to loose leaf tea?

teabagI’ve got one simple answer for you. It tastes nicer.

Yes, I can certainly agree with you that teabag is very simple, very quick to make and perhaps it is kind of hard to find anything that is faster but faster is certainly not better in this particular case.

Now, what I have got here is a teabag, I have already torn it open and with teabag, typically you get about 2g of tea.

In order to fit in to this traditional tea bag, you have to use machine to cut the tea into a very fine particles and then fill the tea bags.
In order to make a consistent quality in the teabag, it’s just like McDonald’s at the end of the day, you know, it’s like hamburgers, whether you get it from Japan or the US or India, it tastes pretty much the same.

So, in order to have that kind of conformity, they usually collect a lot of different teas from different farms, bring them together and just chop and dice and blend them in to this homogeneous tea mixture.

When they cut it, they have to cut it really small. They call this kind of grade “dust”. In fact, it is really dusty.

It is a really small bitter tea and it’s gone through so much processing. It’s really not going to give you a decent cup of tea.

Keemun Red

Keemun Red

As compare to loose leaf, like the ones that we sell, the cut grade is called FBOP. So, it is actually quite a lot larger and you certainly get more aroma and tea taste from it.

Generally speaking, the more chopped up tea leaves the less flavour you’re going to get. You get strength but you don’t get a lot of tea flavour. And the aroma which is the most subtle thing often disappear, sometimes all together
I certainly would recommend, if you really care for a good cup of tea, to move on and change to loose leaf tea.

Just keep in mind that if you love your strong cup of tea, you want some chopped up stuff or perhaps some larger leaf. You can actually buy two different types of tea and mix them together to get your kind of English breakfast.

I hope this is useful to you and if you want to find out a bit more, I’ve got a video coming up and that is to just elaborate more about the comparison about tea bags and loose leaf tea.

If you are ready to upgrade yourself to better tea and take time to enjoy your tea, have a look at our teaware, including filters and teapots (with infusers).