Australia Day – Drink More Tea?

Oi, Where is my tea, mate?

So how’s your Australia Day long weekend? I smell BBQ everywhere I go. I wonder how many of these meals are now served with some cold iced tea, rather than cold iced beer…

I love the German Weisswurst sausages with grilled pineapple, served and a cup of Chinese Jasmine Dragon Pearls with loads of ice. Yes, I love fusion food, it makes life so much more fun, and in a way, very Australian ?

When I talk to some of my friends, they find it hard to digest the concept of drinking tea in summer. Cold beer, cold juice, iced coffee, but iced tea…hm…isn’t that stuff you tip down the drain?

I find this cold tea not fashionable nor healthy to drink a laughable commercial myth.

The fact is bottled iced tea has given iced tea a bad name – this sugar loaded flavoured water is hardly tea.

Cold tea, like overnight tea with curdled milk is certainly not healthy to drink, but that’s not iced milk tea.

Iced tea is a great hit in summer in many Asian countries. Asian men seems to like iced milk tea more while the ladies love the iced lemon tea with honey (something to do with that notion lemon anything is trimming, I think).

Experiment – Chai granita, rooibos slushie, iced matcha green tea power shake, or use coconut milk or hazelnut milk instead of normal milk.

Hop over to our recipes section in if you need some tea recipes.

Iced tea is gaining popularity especially with younger folks, as it freshens the breath after meal (comparing to coffee) and it freshens the mind (comparing to beer). The zillion varieties mean there is a tea for everyone.

In Australia, we are blessed with loads of fresh fruit and they are perfect to add to your iced tea.

And if you need some suggestions on what tea to use for making your cool iced tea, go over to “Great iced” section from the top drop-down “Flavour / Mood” section (see picture below).



Time to change it up, get more tea in your life and start a healthy lifestyle this year!