How to Store Tea

Japanese Washi Tins

Japanese Washi Tea Tins

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What is the best way to store tea? Well I have read quite a lot of different materials and I think there is definitely that academic approach. There are people who are very religious in storing them very carefully and some of them in a fridge and so on.

I am going to tell you the common sense approach and that is to think about the “3 Tea Killers”:

1. Moisture
2. Sunlight
3. Aroma

And because of that, actually, kitchen is not the best place for your tea. Because you think about the moisture, you know when you’re cooking and stuff, and the aroma.

Especially most of us are storing it in a pantry with all the other drinks and if you’re also a coffee drinker, you probably have coffee right next to tea, so gradually the aroma is going to blend.

The people who are a bit more protective about their tea, they would actually store their tea in a separate spot in the pantry or a cabinet dedicated to tea.

Store tea away from odour

glass jar for tea ok, but stay away from sun

If you got like cinnamon tea, don’t put it next to your chamomile or your plain light green tea because that’s just not going to work.

Fridge? The thing is, most people, when they buy a pack of tea back home, that pack is probably be at least 20-30 servings worth and if you keep taking it out from the fridge, you got to bring it back to room temperature before you use it.

So you’re tea will keep on going through this cycle of chill, defrost, chill, defrost, chill, room temperature and so on. It’s not ideal. We don’t really recommend that.

Our common sense suggestion for you is really simple, take it out of the kitchen, and put it in, if you want it to be still quite close to the kitchen for convenience sake, a pantry or a cabinet that is pretty close to the kitchen.

Avoid the “3 Tea Killers”, sunlight, moisture, and aroma.

There you have it, a little tip about storing tea and if you have any questions or comments, feel free to drop us a line using the contact us form in Of course we have a lot more videos in the Youtube channel, so feel free to jump in there. That’s