Tales from the Tearoom 18

keep-calm-and-drink-tea-TshirtWelcome to Sydney: Keep calm and drink tea.

You’ve got to wonder: Can tea keep you calm? I believe it can. And even if you don’t like the stuff (shame on you), just taking some time off the chaos to make a nice cup of tea does help.

I should know. It’s been a very hard yet sensationally rewarding week in terms of my tea business growing. But it has come at the price of not getting much sleep and juggling finances. Thankfully to cope I have tea.

I am not drinking more or stronger tea than normally. It is just allowing me to take a break when I am unable to do anything else, because just walking away from my post is almost like abandoning the ship. Well, the ship isn’t actually going to sink. But it feels like that so often, that it is impossible to make the right strategic or tactical decisions required by the business.

So what do I do?

I get off my chair, walk over to the kettle and switch it on. Then I proceed to slowly go through the calming ritual of making tea for me and my staff: They also need a break. And we share a calm moment of true courage under fire.

Nothing needs to be said. Only the enjoyment of drinking tea is important and whether I have made it to the satisfaction of my staff. Who love to rate my well-being on how well I make the tea. Ninety percent of the time I come up tops.

So here’s to staying calm and drinking tea. Cheers!