Madonna and Matcha (抹茶) Tiramisu

What do Madonna and Matcha Tiramisu have in common?

Since I was a teenager, I love cooking and experimenting with different ingredients.

My first attempt was a green orange juice at the age of 14 (check out this Youtube interview for the full scoop on this fun experience).

Also from my teenage memories, the pop queen Madonna.

I didn't understand why Madonna kept changing her look and did stuff that caused so much media uproar.

Now, I am a business owner, I understand what is common between Madonna and Matcha Tiramisu…

Okay, I still don’t totally understand Madonna. But from her, someone who has remained so dominant for more than two decades in the ruthless music industry, I understand the eternal power of “reinvention”.

As a business owner, I must appreciate my customers like me, will not totally stand still in one state, even if I try.

The need for constant reinvention in order to stay ahead of the competition is an important survival skill.


Reinvention is a good thing. It empowers us to personal growth, to help us to see a problem from a different light, to see everyone has a different role to play in the world, just like you get that extra personal touch from walking into a shop, and loads of choices and prices from buying online. They all have a place in the world.

Fusion cooking is one of those creative arts that challenges traditions reinvents an ingredient from its “normal” or “ordinary” use.

Matcha traditionally is used in Japanese tea ceremony. It is a solemn, “serious” sort of green tea.

Of course in Japan you can find many traditional sweets made with Matcha, such as the rice cake mochi.

But with creativity and cultural exchanges, Matcha is reborn, as Matcha Kit Kat chocolate, Matcha icecream and even Matcha pancakes and Matcha marshmallows.

The cross-cultural Matcha reinvention I love most is Matcha Tiramisu. Yes, it is super easy to make, and pseudo-healthy to eat because it has the anti-oxidant rich, “weight conscious” green tea powder, Matcha.

So what ingredient can you reinvent, today?