Ginger Tea Benefits: Sore Throat Soother and Refreshing Beverage
organic ginger

Organic Ginger Tea (herbal infusion)

Suffering from an itchy and sore throat is really annoying. You might have experienced a sore throat due to allergies, sudden change of weather or you might have exhausted your body from simply overusing the voice, whether it is speaking, shouting or singing.

Our throat deserves the right care and a good rest. One of the best ginger tea benefits is it soothes the throat from these occurrences.

Ignoring or not treating this might lead to a much worse throat infection. To prevent this from happening, drinking ginger tea regularly for a healthy throat (and body). Did You Know? Some countries in the South-East Asia practice drinking a warm ginger tea to relieve their itchy and problematic throat? This is a common practice and various ginger tea brands are sold in the market.



Herbal Tea for Kids Rather than cordial, why not make a ginger iced tea for your kids this summer? In a teapot, drop some hibiscus (enough for a strong brew, as you would be diluting the tea with iced later) and a slice of ginger, pour in hot water, steep for 5-10 minutes. Stir in honey. Then pour into a jug or pitcher and fill with ice and mix fruits. Blend it well to make a yummy and healthy drink! A ginger iced tea is one of the best iced drinks to survive summer. This refreshment is suitable for everybody, even for your kids! With the right blend and rich taste, your whole family will be addicted to it!

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