Tales from the Tearoom 13

Green Tea Bud

Welcome to tranquil Sydney and Zen. Would you like a cup of tea?
Recently somebody, after reading a couple of my Tales from the Tearoom posts, made the announcement that they do not like tea because everything looks old and outdated!

Firstly, I wish to thank them for reading my posts. And Secondly, I wish to say that their impressions are correct. Would you like another cup of tea?

Yes. I have been jumping around places: Yunnan, Kyoto, Fujian and Sydney. And on my travels have been overawed by what’s available when it comes to the subject of tea. But sometimes it does take a critical comment to bring me back home and check things – Make sure the farm’s still in good order. I had a search done over the internet and my critics were right: Ever image dealing with tea and in particular tea shops, looks like a place only my Gran would be seen in. To be a part of it means to be seen as old as cobwebs.

Not a good look people. We are not old and I think we can do better than that. There is nothing in the way of tea that says we have to be old. God lord, no!

People have fought and died over tea. So how about we sort this mess out and have another cup of tea?

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