Bloom like a Flower: Why Drink Tea Regularly

Ladies, I am sure no matter what your body condition is at this stage, staying healthy and maintain youthful look is something desirable.
We always wanted to look good especially to our special someone. While being healthy keeps us strong, having a youthful look is something that we can brag about just like men bragging about their nice cars.

Why am I saying this?

Before the hype of Starbuck’s Frapuccino variants and other refreshments like fruity bubble tea shakes, there is tea.
Yes, iced coffee and tea shakes are refreshing but those are not something that you can drink every day without getting extra “love handles”.
Contrast to their dairy based and sugar based drinks, tea is far healthier and it can be super tasty too.
Here are some benefits that you will surely love.

Healthy Glowing Skin

Drinking tea keeps us hydrated and thus, getting the hydration we need every day promotes healthy skin. Just look at those women you see on TV that are ready to spend thousands or even millions of dollars just to achieve their perfect look.
Why spend that much if you can just get it the natural way? By regularly drinking tea, you will keep yourself hydrated and keep your blooming skin every day!

Fresh Breath

Did you know that tea can help you freshen your breath in due time? This is because of the natural aroma of teas which came from nature (of course).
Fragrant teas like Jasmine, Chamomile and mint green tea is a big help to maintain your breath fresh. Who can resist a woman that smells like fragrant flowers?

Stomach’s Best friend

For me, one benefits I love is tea helps digestive problems like stomach aches and irritable bowel movement.
If you are constipated, there are teas that have laxative properties and will help you flush out all those toxins in your stomach.
Because tea can be consumed without flavorings and sweeteners (though it can be added but not necessary), this can support your diet until you achieve your desired figure.

Tea is almost magical to me. It picks me up from get go in the morning, and keeps me sharp as I go about my day. It keeps me hydrated with fresh breath, great company to my health meals. What else can you ask for from a drink?