Tales from the Tearoom 12
Golden_Dan_Chong Oolong

Golden_Dan_Chong oolong

Welcome to Sydney. Today I took out my trusty old Zisha teapot and brewed myself a nice strong cup of oolong tea. When it was ready, I poured two little Zisha cups. Gave one to my wife and partner Salina and sipped the other cup empty. Then I poured myself another cup and sat down at my dining table. The sliding door to my beautiful balcony is open. I can hear the birds, dogs and people walking past. Occasionally cars drive past. But in all, living where I live is like living in somewhere like Paris (the good part).

I know, yeah right, you’d be saying. But no bull. Where I live on sunny days looks like Paris a little bit. You’d be blind not to notice it. Why else would you explain the queues of people lining up on the weekend to buy off-the-plan property about to be built near us?

They want a piece of the action. And so do you. And when we have enough people living near us, they have plans to create a trendy teahouse that caters to young urban professionals who like to come home from work (wherever that is) and take their families out for evening strolls and dessert.

This is a new world and people who’s lives revolve around TV need not apply.

Now getting back to my oolong. It’s actually a sample I got from my Fujian (Fukien) supplier. He says it comes directly from the farmer and I have to admit, it is quite special to drink. Even though I have brewed it strong (And by strong I mean lots of leaves), it is not bitter at all; smooth with a wanting for more feeling in the mouth – Unami.

Sadly though, we are not selling it on our website. Strictly on a show-me-the-cash-and-we’ll-get-it-in system. You’ll need a couple of Benjamin Franklins to enjoy a pound of it.