Tales from the Tearoom 06

Welcome to sunny Sydney and then some. I almost missed this blog entry today, but thanks to some well defined Japanese sencha. I am back and ready to conquer the world of tea, one sip at a time.

So let’s start with the very first sip.

It is hot and refreshing and if brewed right with just the right temperature, it will be a light green in complexion, like new grass swaying in the gentle breeze.

Is my cup so?

Of course it is. I enjoy taking the time to brew it correctly – there is no storm in my cup.

And now the second sip.

The second sip is like the defining cut of your katana. Exacting in your approach to the line that marks life from death.



The third sip… Mmmm… We were right to take the third sip. It reveals the glaze at the bottom of the cup. To be empty from want while taking that fateful path of pouring another cup of Japanese Sencha into our cup.

So here I am now, enjoying my second cup with one question on my mind: If the samurai had been an Australian invention, what would they look like?

If you are a practitioner of a Japanese martial art, has this thought ever crossed your minds?

Whatever the answer you wish to share with us, please enjoy another cup of Japanese sencha on our behalf.

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