Tales from the Tearoom 07

Welcome to humid Sydney and then some. Tonight the crickets and frogs that populate the surrounding parkland near my home are singing away to the rising humidity that signals the approach of a thunder storm. If the storm does crack a big one, it will be a blessing upon this parched earth.

caramel milk tea frappeTo celebrate its possible arrival I have been drinking iced milk tea with plenty of ice. Come to think of it, now that I am looking at my tall glass, its really just loads of ice that happens to be swimming in some refreshing tea. Oh and don’t forget the wicked indulgence of the small lotus paste cake from the Chinese supermarket. My Chinese staff keep telling me it will make me fat and I keep telling them that I only eat one once every few months; It’s nice to know they care for their Lau Ban.

So let me take a big sip of my drink. Siiiiip!. Ahhh….. That’s better. And here comes the ice cube in the mouth… Nice and cool.

O!… I think I just heard the first rumblings upstairs. Mr Thunder is going to be a biggie. Well back to tea. This kind of weather is very favourable to the tea plant Camellia Sinensis. In places where they grow tea, this kind of weather is regarded as good growing conditions because tea is actually rainforest plant. It does not have to be tropical. Just overall humid with good loose soil that drains well with at least twenty percent shade.

But back to that lotus paste bun. I am eating it with my tea. It’s a deliberate choice. By having tea with it, I am actually lightening the heaviness of the dessert: The bun won’t stick to my insides.

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