Oolong Tea Benefits: Your Diet Partner

“Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, as the old saying goes.

For some, the “hollywood actress” figure is the ultimate definition of “beauty”. Sometimes I am envious of people who eat a lot and don’t even get fat!

Good thing one of Oolong tea benefits when you drink it is its diet-friendly properties.

Weight LossWell, if you are looking for an affordable diet partner, perhaps drinking oolong tea is one of the options. One of the benefits of Oolong is that it helps you with your diet so you can achieve your dream figure! Here are the reasons why:

Doesn’t Have Sugar

Basically, all teas do not have sugar unless you put a sweetener on it! Excess sugars in our body turn into fatty acids. They just stack and stock unless you burn them by doing physical activities like running, lifting, dancing and other activities.

Drinking unsweetened oolong tea benefits your sugar intake and with the aid of working out every day, you can burn excess fats! In time, you will lose weight so don’t be discouraged if you didn’t lose a lot on your first month. It takes time, so control what you eat!

Perfect for Snack!

We ALL have cravings for food! Sometimes, we just want to eat pizza the whole day! We can’t avoid that but that doesn’t mean you have to! If you are on a strict diet, fight it. Eat small amounts of food and partner it with oolong tea if you feel like not drinking water. It helps you fight your unhealthy cravings, it is just mind over matter!

Hot or Cold, it doesn’t matter!

If you feel like drinking it hot or cold, it doesn’t matter. You can have a hot oolong tea for breakfast and you can also drink it cold during a hot afternoon! Partner it with your favorite food to complete your day! Steep it, add flavors then add some ice if you want a refreshing drink during a hot weather!


Drinking this tea ALONE does not make you slimmer. Even if you drink a gallon it will not work the way you want it. Oolong is a healthy alternative drink that helps you with your diet. Instead of drinking soda, instant juice drink and other sweetened drinks, drinking this tea is a good alternative. A good combination of right diet and exercise can INDEED make you slimmer.

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written by Donna E