Tales from the Tearoom 04

Welcome to Sydney, where its burning hot and then some. Yes it is hot over here. And due to the fires raging in the Blue Mountains area, Sydney has been overcast with yellow smog. Not as bad as last Thursday, but the continuing drag of it reminds me of the prelude to the great dust-storm we had a few years back.

However it is in these moments of great trials that we must decide how we are going to cope with it all: My mug of tea goes out to the firefighters risking their lives to save others.

detoxifyAnd while they are too busy to stop and rest, I am fortunate enough to have the time and space to ponder over what this all means. Throughout tea’s long history little has been given to its importance as stable quencher of thirst when times are tough. Yes, we like talk about tea’s wonderful properties and how to drink it we can enjoy a beautiful life. But do we ever consider the fact that the digger, experiencing a World War One bombardment in the trenches, with his warm cup of tea was probably a lot calmer in the face of death than the guy a few yards away nervously trying to put a cig. in this mouth?

While not trying to say anything out of context, this is one of the reasons I have given up coffee and embraced tea in my life. It has allowed me to stay calm under pressure when pressure comes. And as we all know, for some weird reason, we are all under a lot more pressure than normal. But if you are reading this, then I salute you because you have found the time to enjoy a nice warm cup of tea under fire! Now that’s being awesome!

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