The Black Tea Benefits
Irish Breakfast

Irish Breakfast – Black Tea

During my teenage years, whenever I hear the word “tea”, it makes me think of an elegant English woman or an Englishman having chit-chat with their friends over tea. That’s what I often see in the movies, it gave me the idea that having tea is for rich people. A luxury. After a few years, I learned that tea is not a “luxury” at all but a beverage that gives you more than a good morning. It has benefits, not only for our body but the way we connect to people too! Here are some things I learned about the black tea benefits:

Sip of Blact tea

Black Tea relieves stress

Effective Relief from Stress

Drinking tea is totally different from drinking water. When we drink water, we satisfy our need for thirst and that is straight to the point.  When we drink tea, it is MORE than having it for breakfast. We enjoy our tea sip by sip, not gulp by gulp. One of the black tea benefits is the rich aroma that frees our mind and spirit like it was some kind of a potion. We are bound to relax with every smell and sip of our tea. Feeling tensed and pressured from work? Just drink a cup of tea and you will feel better.

Helps you Socialize to Meet More Friends!

I remember the “tea party” scene from Alice in Wonderland. They are having tea and Alice got the chance to know the mad hatter, March Hare, the Queen of hearts and other characters in the story. Same thing applies to us. You can ask a co-worker, a neighbor, a friend of a friend or other people to have tea in a café. You will get to know them while you are enjoying your drink. The culture brought by tea will help you boost your social life. Do you see yourself meeting new friends, having a nice conversation and develop deeper friendship with them?

Fresh Breath Attracts a Hot Date

When we are looking for a potential mate, we always want to look our best. Who wouldn’t? Did you know that by regularly drinking this tea (much better with citrus and mint blend ) will help you keep your breath fresh? The key is the bacteria-fighting property of the drink.

Black Tea attracts love

Black Tea attracts love

Isn’t it romantic to have a slow dance with your date and whisper in each other’s ears without having the embarrassment of a bad breath? This may be simple and plain but personal hygiene really matters to some people.

So, what do we got so far? A stress reliever, a bridge to better friendship and a wingman to our love life. Do you want to know more what you can get aside from these three benefits I mentioned? Have a cup of black tea every day and you will see it yourself.

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