Stories from the Tearoom 01

Welcome to tropical Sydney and then some.

It has been a while since I actually sat down and really connected with my fans. My apologies.

As some of you will know, we tend to get so deep into the work side of things that we forget to sit down and enjoy what we do for a living.

So when the chance comes to do something different, I seize the chance to live life again.

organic lemon verbanaSo I promise my fans out there that I won’t abandon you guys again. You guys have been loyal and dedicated to the cause. Even when you aren’t sure as to what that is, when surrounded by a barrage of coffee and other high octane energy drinks promising an exciting life of adventure. But where is that adventure. For too many of us, it has turned into that little movie from the 1980’s called Bright Lights Big City, starring Michael J Fox.

Tea isn’t about that. Tea is about taking time out from our hectic lives for just five minutes per day and truly resting from it all before we re-engage the mayhem.

This is vital for somebody like me, who alongside tea is also a practicing martial artist. I do bagua zhang. It’s a sister martial art to Tai Chi Chuan. You know, that slow stuff guys do in their pajama in parks.

No. I am not out to promote Tai Chi Chuan, per se. But I do believe that for so many of us, we have grown so very tired and drained. We need a way to cope and ultimately take back what we have allowed to be taken (our health and well-being) in the pursuit of a lifestyle that just doesn’t sit right with us fellow tea drinkers.

We need a break and I am here to give it.