Would you eat snake?

<< Test First Name >>, do you like Chinese food? Chinese has a saying that “any creature with its back facing the sky is edible!” Ok, most would not eat snake but certainly there are many “normal” Chinese dishes that go well with, of course, Chinese tea!

Watch video to check out 5 Top Chinese TeaWHITE TEA is almost exclusively made from China. The top notch Chinese white tea like Silver Needle and Jasmine Dragon Pearls are lesser known until recent researches broadcast its perported great health benefits to the world, even more potent than green tea.

CHINESE GREEN TEA is the gran-daddy of all teas. Long Jing (aka Lung Ching, Dragon Well) has a long history of admirers from emperors to world leaders. Long Jing and other light Chinese green tea is great matching with white flesh fish or light chicken broth dishes.

OOLONG – or Wulong, is another Chinese specialty. Taiwanese oolong like Pao Chong is light and soft while WuYi ShuiXian and Golden Danchong in the photo are stronger in taste, favoured by black tea drinkers.