Why Use a Small Teapot

We are asked often why choose small teapots?
The reason is better tea making practice. A smaller teapot encourages you to drain all the tea out of the teapot, into your cup(s), once the tea is made. This way you won’t have over-steeped your tea left in the teapot. Once the first infusion is completely drained, add fresh boiling water to make the second infusion and so on.

Our eyes have been trained to choose a bigger teapot than the amount of tea we can actually drink. For example, a standard tea cup would be about 150ml. We don’t normally fill right to the top, so that means about 120ml full per cup, while a lot of teapots in the market are around 500ml or even larger. This means you make about 4 cups of tea per pot. If you are drinking with a few friends, the larger “standard” size teapot is suitable. But would this be your everyday routine, making tea for 4 people every time?

We believe nowadays most of us don’t live in a household of more than 5 people. So why having a “typical” size teapot, making more tea than you need? Enjoy your tea, don’t make it so you have to waste it (or force your partner or children to drink it with you).
Many people love glass teapots because they consider the visual transformation of the dry leaves opening up to regain its original leafy shape an integral part of the tea drinking.

To keep the glass teapot from tea stains, soak it regularly in diluted detergent water. Rise in hot water and air dry.
Glass is by far our most recommended choice of teapot material as it makes a neutral cup without tainting the true colour and taste of the tea, while showing the colour and transformation of the tea leaves.

Tea is meant to be enjoyed once it is made, so although one may argue glass doesn’t retain heat well, it is actually a good thing because that forces you to have a micro-break and enjoy your cuppa while it is still hot!

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