The See-Through Teapot and Cups – Mi Tong

Da FATHER of Tea!

In the world of tea, water is the mother of tea and the teapot is the father of tea.
If you like Chinese tea, a Chinese teapot is a must! Chinese have been making teaware for many centuries in many styles and materials. Zisha (purple clay) is one of the most requested Chinese teaware to pair with oolong. However, for daily use, I love Mi Tong.
Mi Tong means “Rice + See Through” in Chinese. Mi Tong has rice shape “glass windows” that allow light to “glow through with a blush of the tea liquid colour.
Mi Tong style of teaware has been used in China since at least 960, during the Song Dynasty.
The incredible creation of the semi translucent (Tong) rice patterns (Mi) in an everyday teaware simply add an “artsy” touch to Chinese tea enjoyment.

Mi Tong production involves punching out the little “rice pieces” out from a clay bowl before firing. Then the glaze is put on. Because glaze is essentially liquid glass (sorry potters, we are not trying to be technical here), when it fills those little rice windows, it creates this translucent look.
Mi Tong teaware and tableware are very common in Chinese households. The blue band with rice pattern is very common, although the finer Mi Tong may have other more intricate patterns and the thickness of the Mi Tong teaware may be thinner.

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