Hello Bottled Tea, Have We Met Before?

Now I know what “real tea” is, I’ve steered off any sort of bottled tea, unless I am very desperate, or I am really curious.

Today, I am really curious.

I saw this in Woolworths. I saw this last time when I was in Hong Kong.

“It’s our fate, we meet again”, I said to the Blueberry White Tea bottle. So I proceeded to put this in my trolley along with my usual shopping.

My initial feeling is that the bottle looks like a sauce bottle. I am attracted to the bottle label – a bit of mish-mesh with the design, reminds me of a time when people were experimenting with their designs – old and new, the orient and the West.

I opened it and as soon as the lip of the bottle is nearing my mouth, I was put off. It smells berry-like (obviously), but the brown bottle really reminds me of the berry flavour cough syrup. Oh dear, I have to shut this thought, and try it.

The first sip is fine, I am happy it is not sugar loaded and tasting better than it smells. Clearly it didn’t rock my world.

For this article, I want to photograph the tea itself in a clear glass, so one can see the tea colour. So I poured it out into a open lip glass cup as shown in the picture.

And you know what, now it is out of the bottle and drinking it from the glass, it seems to instantly make it taste nicer. This reminds me how important the RIGHT packaging affects the product. You see, what happened was when I was drinking from the bottle, the berry flavour was concentrated because it is all in front of my nose! Now the tea is in a glass, particularly an open lip glass, my nose is not fed berry smell only. I can smell and taste a tiny bit of the tea, and I think in a glass, I don’t felt like I was drinking cough syrup or sipping sauce from a bottle!

My husband tried it too and the bottle shape reminded him of a beer bottle. So perhaps the tea wasn’t targeting sophisticated ladies like yours truly, but more of the berry loving men teddy bears out there!