High Tea in Lilianfels, Katoomba

If you haven’t been, you have to treat yourself to the Lilanfels Hotel. It is an elegant resort with everything done right (except tea – more later). The 90 minutes relaxation massage was total bliss, and the dinner in Darleys was absolutely memorable. I had not had a proper piece of steak cut right, cooked right and taste right for some years…hm…sorry my Aussie friends…since I moved from New Zealand ?

We stayed overnight in Lilianfels and finished the little escape with a high tea there, before heading back to Sydney.


The portions in this high tea was generous. We actually couldn’t finished the high tea!

Tea-wise, lots to choose from. Winter is my Assam drinking season, so there I was, another pot of Assam. It came in large silver teapot as the photo showed.

This is a really pet peeve, but please give me a small pot! Because when the pot is big, people naturally try to fill it but not putting enough tea leaves in!

I had a somewhat diluted pot of tea, and yes, the Assam was also below par just like the one in the previous blog…It also came with an extra pot of hot water, but by the time I was pondering about refilling, the water was tepid, and honestly, I had to a hippo to drink this much tea in one sitting!

And Peter ordered a pot of Chai. It was served in a huge glass teapot which he couldn’t finish. Taste wise it was good. But way too much tea, which means way too much wastage from a business operation perspective…

We had a fantastic break and certainly would go back to Lilianfels, hm…but maybe not the high tea, unless they start carrying decent tea!

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