Sri Lanka, Black tea and Me… Part 2

Hi Everybody. Yes-yes… I know I was meant to blog last Sunday, but I didn’t. And that leads to something I learned in Sri Lanka. Over there, life flows to its own rythme. It can be perceived as being a lot slower than, say, Sydney. But that in SL is a good thing. It is a chance to unwind and truly focus on one’s goals without external pressure distorting the process. How many times have you gone off to find out what truly matters to oneself and then weeks later you discover that what you thought were your answers turned out to be from somebody else?

Now, I’m not making excuses for my tardiness. Or am I? (Perhaps I am. Later I’ll make a cup of strong tea to help me mull over it. Any suggestions?)

So my trip in SL started with me arriving at 2am and being whisked to The Gateway Hotel in Seeduwa. It’s a very nice modern hotel with modern amenities. I can’t say much about it except that I took a picture of the land around it and the breakfast there was rather nice. Why so little? I had to leave at 9am the next morning to go to the Factory Hotel in Nuwara Eliya (my first proper destination). The one different thing about the Gateway Hotel I can remember is that when you put the key into the room’s power-slot, the TV comes on and it is by default tuned to the Yoga channel.