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Look ma, there is no milk in my tea!

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Captains Breakfast nice and strong with milk

Captain’s Breakfast

After lunch feeling sleepy- try this refreshing herbal

After Lunch Herbal

after dinner great cup to refresh the breath and helps digestion

After Dinner Oolong

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Look Ma! There’s no milk in my tea!Margaret's Hope Darjeeling often asked by name
Black tea without milk? Feeling naked? You shouldn’t be, because good black tea doesn’t need any dressing – milk, sugar etc!A tiny bit of history – Why is milk added to tea?

In the olden days when tea was expensive, and the intense heat from hot tea might have caused the fine china to crack, the aristocrats decided to add a bit of milk in the cup before pouring the hot tea in. Gradually this became the custom of “taking tea”.

While Chinese have always been selling their tea with an emphasis on the product origin (provinces such as Yunnan, Keemun), the Indians and Sri Lankans are only starting to market their tea with a locational focus in the recent decade or so.

The most notable single estate black tea range is probably Darjeeling from India. Darjeeling is regarded as the “Champagne of tea” and its signature is lightly smoky with a touch of muscatel flavour. Its golden colour brew tends to be of medium strength best enjoyed on its own, or with a slice of lemon.

Our Margaret’s Hope and Organic Snowview Darjeeling are well-made exemplary Darjeeling.
Sri Lankan (Ceylon) black tea is well-known for its balance amongst flavour, strength and aroma. Some Ceylon tea is good on its own and they are typically of OP or other larger leaf grades, such as our Ceylon Classic OP from Nandana.

Assam is well known for its red coppery brew that is deliciously malty and great with milk, although again if you find a larger leaf grade like our Assam Banaspaty FTGFOP1, then you are in luck for a nice treat – no milk required.

I am ready to go naked with my black tea – Gimme 5 varieties and a free teapot!

ESCAPE WITH TEA: THE KINGDOM OF EASTWOODkingdom-eastwood“This Tie Guan Yin tea is very good.” I tell her. Yuen Chun-lee looks at me and smiles. She is a beautiful woman with charms as deadly as her wicked smile.She sips her Tie Guan Yin oolong and then holds her cup up against her mouth for a moment before putting it back down. i know that her actions are calculated. But to what ends?Yuen leans over the Go board. And as she does I can scent her underlying ambition.

It is light like osmanthus flowers when first brewed and overpoweringly enticing when mixed up with the aroma of our Tie Guan Yin tea, mmm….Yuen leans back and says, “It appears that you have won.””Thank you.” I reply.”My predecessor made quite a few mistakes.” She says with a sigh before continuing.

“He was a risky man, even in areas where he should have come out on top. Then again, perhaps not. You seem like the man who is always on top?””An emperor does not share his bed with other emperors.” I tell her.

“Indeed,” she affirms, “but without an empress, how can you sleep comfortably?” Yuen takes over from her assistant and pours my cup of tea herself. “And who will pour your tea for you, when all your maids and servants have gone home?”

I am not a fool. Truly there have been evenings when I have had to make my own tea. It never tastes as good as when it is made by someone else whom you wish to share your tea with. Perhaps that is why I am chasing Good Traveler: a true equal on the Go board. My search a consumative journey that has led me here. Accepting Yuen’s Tie Guan Yin teamaking skills into my bed.

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