Bojenmi - Dieter's Tea (保健美减肥茶)

A brand of Chinese herbal tea reputed for weight loss. Some ingredients in this tea include Hoelen (Fuling), Malt (Maiya), Alisma (Zexie) and Citrus (Chenpi).

We strongly recommend that a person consult their medical practitioner before drinking them regularly. This is because, the herbs are ground down into a fine powder, thereby making them more concentrated than if the herbs are consumed in their original state.

Even under TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine), many of the herbs listed, are only available through a Chinese apothecary with a TCM prescription.

While we do not stock this herbal blend. We do from time to time get enquiries regarding it. People typically us if it works, and the answer is the same with all these weight loss teas:

  • First make sure it is from a reputable brand. There can be a lot of fakes out there using laxatives and hunger suppressants as part of the blend.
  • And secondly, all these herbal blends work best with a proper diet and regular exercise.

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