Tea trivia

Mongolians drink tea with butter?  Which Chinese black tea may  help to chase the possums away? Find out more tea trivia here…

  • Tea originates from China
  • Soak your smelly or tired feet in tea – helps rid the foot odour and soothes the tired feet
  • Possum don’t like the super smoky smell of Tarry Lapsang Souchong (Chinese black tea), hence many claim Tarry Lapsang Souchong makes a good possum repellant
  • Gargling with cold tea may help relieve toothache
  • Mongolians drink tea with butter
  • Research from Taiwan had these interesting findings about tea and blood types:
    • 41.4% of tea drinkers have O type blood; 26.85% A; 24.65% B and 7.10% type AB;
    • There are more type A female tea drinkers than male, but all other blood types have more male than female tea drinkers;
    • Type B and AB tea drinkers would drink tea anytime, while type O prefer to drink after meals, while type A prefer to drink tea while working.
  • An early “study” of the relative safety of coffee and tea was conducted in the 18th century by King Gustaf III of Sweden. The king commuted the death sentence of a pair of identical twins on the condition that one drink tea and the other drink coffee three times a day. The imprisoned tea-drinker died first at age 83.
  • English Breakfast was kind of a “chef’s special” back in the 19th century when it was first “invented” in Edinburgh, Scotland. It was a mix of Indian, Chinese and sometimes African black tea (basically a mix of any black tea that hasn’t been spoilt from months of travel by sea absorbing ocean mist).