Uchiyama Sencha

Q: Do you stock Uchiyama Sencha (Green Tea)?
A: Thank you for your email. We don?t sell Uchiyama Sencha, but our Sencha supplier has provided this information:

Our tea is cultivating in Shizuoka.

We found the website of Uchiyama Sencha, and its tea came from Tenryu,

Tenryu is located in west side of Shizuoka Prefecture and our tea come
from mid – east of Shizuoka.

We believe the amount of catechin is almost the same, but taste is
depend on blender / taster.

We may be considering an organic powdered sencha from the same supplier which will provide an easier way to enjoy the anti-oxidant rich sencha. I can keep you posted on that if you like.

This email was sent to us on 9 February 2007, answered 14 February 2007