It’s all in the process (02/07)

From time to time we have customers asking us what is black tea, what is green tea etc? In the past we wrote articles on the general guide on tea types – to recap quickly, there are 6 common kinds of tea, all made from the same “tea tree” – Camellia Sinensis:

Organic Black Chai

Organic Black Chai

BLACK TEA: Commonly referred as “‘tea” – it is the liquid you yield from infusing the fully fermented tea leaves. It has a dark brew with strong aroma and taste. It is the most widely consumed tea in the world, especially in the West.

GREEN TEA: Green tea is high in natural antioxidants and Vitamin C. Due to the low fermention and little processing, it has kept the colour, original bittersweet taste and aroma of the freshly plucked leaves. Green tea is widely known for its slimming and cancer fighting properties.

OOLONG (BLACK DRAGON TEA): Being partially fermented, Oolong has all the benefits and taste of green and black teas combined. It has a floral or faint stone fruit aroma. Known for its slimming property, it makes a good after meal cuppa.

WHITE TEA: White tea got its name from the light colour / almost colourless brew. Almost caffeine free, white tea has been treasured by many Chinese tea drinkers and researches have proven its germ killing properties. White Tea needs a bit more generous brewing time, but the wait is worthwhile!

PU-ERH: Also known as the “Vintage tea”, Pu-erh is a special earthy tasting tea that has been post fermented (stored for years after the tea leaves are made). It has long been used in China for the medicinal benefits to aid digestion and weight management. A perfect cup after heavy or greasy meals.

Mandarin Pu-erh

Mandarin Pu-erh

So here are the word version, but we think the diagram below may help you understand the process.

You can see each tea goes through similar steps, but it is also the differences in these steps that define whether the tea is black, green, oolong etc.
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