Best Tea for a hot summer day (11/06)

Ah…beautiful oolong…so did you try some after reading the last article? It is simply divine and very addictive!

Summer is approaching and we are going to be brave and try encouraging you to drink tea this summer!
Many Chinese herbal medicine practitioners will tell you a cup of green or white tea is cooling to your system. Summer is the barbeque season, which means you are turning the heat up in your system, and a cup of green tea or white tea can cool you down.

From a culinary perspectives, we would like to “revolutionarise” your perception about tea. Look, if coffee can be served iced, why not tea. Tea has milk in it and left to cool is clearly non hygienic and not that great to taste, but iced tea when made properly (unlike those bottled commercial versions) is delicious, NOT sugar-loaded and a fantastic thirst quencher for a hot summer day.

Silver needle white tea for cleansing

Silver Needle White Tea

So we mentioned green or white tea to cool you down – this is the tea we reckon the best to start a hot summer day. A cup of Silver Needle in the morning, perhaps with a light toast, is a good way to start your day. Silver Needle is very light in taste and just great to gently wake up your body and senses. Alternatively, a cup of Organic Misty Green, or maybe Jade Ring, will give you a graceful beginning for the day.
Midday – hot, sticky, and stinky… a cup of stronger tasting tea CHILLED is great! Perhaps the siesta feeling is keeping in after lunch? Well, make half a cup of strong black tea, such as Lemon n Lime, or Ceylon Classic OP, then pour it into half a cup of ice, stir and slurp! Ahhhh!

Afternoon – well, it is a hot day, keep the liquids coming! A cup of Green tea with Jasmine, perhaps with a small biscuit is pretty good to keep your energy level up. Why not make it iced and add a slice of lemon. Refreshing!

If you need something a bit stronger, a cup of Ginseng will boost up your energy level. Stir in a little bit of honey if you find the ginseng taste a bit overwhelming (but it will surely wake you up!).

Evening – summer time we all tend to eat lighter. A cup of oolong, served in room temperature is great for digestion, especially after a meaty meal. You can serve it chilled – follow the same trick mentioned for black tea above, or make the tea, immediately pour into a bottle, cover and cool in fridge. Chilled oolong is rather summer for a hot sweaty summer night while you listen to the cicadas.

Alternatively a cup of tartish hibiscus is great for digestion after meal. Tastes great hot or chilled!
If caffeine is a concern, ditch the first quick infusion and start drinking from second brew onwards to reduce caffeine content.

The list of tea that are best for summer are available at our website at the click of your hand ? Enjoy!