Tea for the whole family (09/06)

Last month we talked about Chinese medicine and herbal tea. Many thanks to the readers who have sent us feedback. One of our readers, Janet, asks if we can give her some suggestions of tea for the family for general wellbeing.

So here we would like to share some ideas of tea for the family.

Mandarin Pu-erh

Mandarin Pu-erh

For the “Man of the House” ?
Men typically like stronger tasting tea ? many of our male customers like Pu-erh, Russian Caravan and Genmaicha. They tend to be involved in more physical activities such as lifting, so a cup of Agility could be pretty good to relax the joints and muscles after a lot of moving about. Eating too much junk food? A cup of dandelion root and leaves can help detox the body, and a soothing cup of Green Jade Oolong can help to cut the greasy feeling.

For the “Lady of the House” ?
Running after kids and finishing projects at work, can really drain the body. When we are so busy, skin is usually the last thing on our minds. For that reason, we have a herbal blend called Cherish to take care of your skin while you can’t. Moon Goddess and Chinese Red Jujube are also good for taking care of female wellbeing, while Songbird is perfect to soothe your voice after yelling at the large and small kids in the house!

Kids ?
Kids LOVE colour, and our fruit infusions, such as Berry Fairy, are naturally red in colour and fantastic cold or hot. They make fantastic afterschool drinks without added sugar and colouring. Add a bit of freshly cut fruit and mix with gelatine for a nice jelly for the birthday parties.



Teenagers ?
I don’t know any teenagers who are not concerned about zits. Lush is our new mixed green tea blend which is based on a Chinese herbal “Pimple tea” recipe. It also has lotus leaves to reduce water retention for the figure conscious 16 year old.

The Grannies ?
Changes of weather can be a real tough time for elderlies when that nagging arthritic pain just won’t go away. Arthritis Ease herbal blend is designed to help relieve this kind of discomfort. Many also find the warming Ginger Kiss a nice cup after dinner for digestion as well as warming up the joints for a good night sleep. Pu-erh is also warming.

All these Tea Health Benefits can be acquired by buying at our website Teas.com.au