Okuma Wu-long

Q: Do you stock Okuma wu-long? I’ve heard that it is great for weight loss?
A: Thank you for your email. We don’t sell Okuma Oolong tea, but we do sell other unbranded oolong.

rose oolong

Rose Oolong

Oolong is the name of a tea category (like black tea is the name of a tea category). Many customers called us lately regarding this product and we suggested them to look at our oolong as generally all oolong is reputed for weight management and digestive properties.
We have a few kinds of oolong. Formosa and Rose oolong are sellling well currently for this reason. They are available for online purchase in 60g (about 20 cups) and 250g.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help ?

This email was sent to us on 6 September 2006,
answered 6 September 2006