Exhibition kicks off in HK to showcase tea culture

An exhibition featuring the unique Chinese tea culture of the Tang Dynasty (618-907) opened here for free on Wednesday to give the public an in-depth understanding of the culture passed on for generations.

The exhibition “Poetry and Ceramic Art: Collection of the Hong Kong Museum of Art and the K.S.Lo Collection of the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware” at the Flagstaff House Museum of Tea Ware, will run until March 5, 2007, according to organizers.

The exhibition features more than 120 pieces of Chinese tea ware and related vessels from the Tang Dynasty to the 20th century, with the accompany of inspiring poetry and paintings related to tea drinking.

Organizers said the exhibition will offer visitors a fascinating insight into the art of Chinese tea culture while appreciating “tea in poetic lyrics and teapots embellished with poetry.”

China’s long history of tea drinking dated back to the Tang Dynasty when tea became a national drink, and was widely promoted by the literati, making tea gatherings a popular leisure pursuit in such circles.

Among the exposition articles “Chajing” or the Culture of Tea was the most important in the establishment of Chinese tea culture since it was the first comprehensive essay on tea and China’s tea-drinking culture.

Before the Tang Dynasty, wine was the preference for poets in stimulating creativity and many poems were written on the subject.

To complement the exhibition, an educational corner with interactive games and graphic panels has been set up in the gallery to enhance the visitor’s appreciation of ceramic art and understanding of the “Chajing” and the tea poetry of different eras.

(By chinaview.cn, March 2006)
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