Tea-spiked cocktails

tea infused cocktailsAfternoon tea is usually associated with china cups and saucers, but the Boston Park Plaza has added snifters, tumblers, and martini glasses to the tea ware, vessels more appropriate for offerings such as a jasmine-white port aperitif, Tea on the Beach, and a Chai martini. “It’s my own take on the Boston Tea Party,” says tea expert Cindy Gold, a food and beverage manager for the hotel who has created a rotating menu of tea cocktails served at the hotel’s Swans Caf.

”I can’t help myself,” she says. ”I love infusing tea into anything around me.”

The Chai martini (mar-tea-ni?) is a complex blend of milk slowly simmered with black tea and 14 spices (including saffron, cardamom, cinnamon, cloves), chilled, and then spiked with rum.

Tea on the Beach is Gold’s take on the risque Sex on the Beach: mango and orange juices, peach schnapps, and Absolut vodka infused with green tea, quince, and mallow blossoms – drink umbrella optional.

The tea cocktails are available from 3 p.m.-1:30 a.m. daily.

”Tea and Boston are so tied together,” Gold says. ”When you think of a party, for many that brings to mind alcohol — why not combine them?” Why not, indeed?

Chai Tea is available at our website, click the link Teas.com.au

(By Lis Stern, The New York Times Company, Dec 2004)