2017 Japan Film Festival Night -YAY!

The morning after: Blogging.
The night before: Japanese Film Festival night in the city. Woo-hoo!

After six months of living wabi-sabi style out here in Meadowbank, I decided that last night I would return to a little bit Tokyo vibe, but enjoying a night out in the city at the George street cinemas in Sydney.

Right now they are having on the 2017 Japanese Film Festival, sponsored by the Japan Foundation. It was the Australian Premier screening of the movie Mumon: The Land of Stealth 忍びの国.

Highly funny movie set in Japan's Warring States period. Samurai verses ninja. Fast paced. Lots of action Japanese style. And the best bit for me was surprisingly Mumon's wife played by Satomi Ishihara. How she get's Mumon to be greater than what he is is inspiring. It reminds me of my own wife sometimes :-)

Japan Film Festival 2017 postermovie tickets

As my evening progressed from Japanese Bookstore Kinokuniya to Japanese noodle bar to the movie, I realized - wow - I'm having a full-on Japanese experience right here in Sydney. I even got to mingle with some famous Japanese: Director Yoshiyuki Kishi, and Actress Mugi Kadowaki.

Yoshiyuki Kishi and Mugi Kadowaki

Who were there to promote their movie on the following night: A Double Life.