Shades of Grey (Gray)!

We are not going get kinky here, but the tea creators certainly have fun concocting more than 50 shades of Grey! Earl Grey that is!

So what is the true colour of Earl Grey???

What is Earl Grey?

Simply put, it is a black tea flavoured with bergamot (a citrus fruit) oil, originated in China.

History tells us the Earl Grey tea was first advertised in London by Charlton & Co. around 1820s.

Chinese never liked the Earl Grey. To find Earl Grey producers nowadays, you need to go to India or Sri Lanka.

Most¬†Earl Grey¬†nowadays don‚Äôt use the original bergamot oil / flavour. An ‚ÄúEarl Grey‚ÄĚ flavour is now typically used.

There are many Earl Grey made similar to the traditional recipe. There are also many Earl Grey spin-offs. Here are some.

Earl Grey Ceylon Orange Pekoe
This is the most "standard" traditional Earl Grey black tea. It uses Earl Grey flavour on a large leaf Ceylon black tea.
Earl Grey Ceylon OP

Earl Grey Romantica
Based on the traditional Earl Grey Ceylon OP black tea, using a slightly higher grade tea plus pink heather scotch flower blossom. 

Earl Grey Romantica
Comparing to traditional Earl Grey, Mirage is more orange than Earl Grey.
If you like Lady Grey this is your tea.
Mirage - similar to Lady Grey
We are getting into the really creative fancy pants territory! Symphony is our take on French Earl Grey (kind of peach + Earl Grey).
It has French Earl Grey + Jasmine Green Tea to give a more floral scent to this Earl Grey classic. It can be drunk with or without milk. 
Symphony similar to French Earl Grey
Duchess Grey
Lemony Earl Grey. There are 2 main lines of Lady Grey in the market - one with more orange taste, and the other with more lemon tone. Lemony Earl Grey gives a more zing to this classic black tea.
Duchess Grey with Lemon
Earl Grey Love

A beautiful variation of Earl Grey, with a touch of rose and vanilla. Earl Grey Love is pretty and tasty.
Earl Grey Love is created from the inspiration of Earl Grey Latte and London Fog. Delicious and silkenly refreshing!

Earl Grey Love with vanilla and rose
Queen's Tea

 A little bird told us the Queen loves Darjeeling and Earl Grey.
Flavour-full yet with a refreshing softness from the bergamot flavour and a touch of rose, Queen's Tea is not only fit for the Queen but also Earl Grey and Darjeeling tea lovers.

Queen's Tea with Darjeeling and Earl Grey

Choosing Earl Grey Tea

I must confess Earl Grey is my type. I experience it from time to time as I need to be sure what we sell actually tastes good. And I tell you some Earl Greys, even some popular brands, taste like dish-washing liquid!

Any other shades of Earl Grey?

We have come across many, including more notable ones like Earl Grey + smoky Lapsang, Earl Grey + Chocolate, Earl Grey + Mint.

We also experimented with Earl Grey as you see above. Some of the pictured Earl Grey is no longer available. You can find our current range of Earl Grey tea here.  

Fact is Earl Grey is very experimental and getting on with many!! ;)