7 Weird and Wonderful Iced Teas

Is the bottled iced tea from cafes and supermarkets leaving a bad taste in your mouth? Do you feel like you are drinking sugary water, not iced tea?

Iced tea is easy to make - we have shown you how in a number of our articles like this one. 

Anyone thinks it is hard to make iced tea on a snap means they are too lazy to boil water ;)

We love iced tea because you can have so much fun dressing it up, while still staying pretty healthy with it. 

So we are exploring 7 Weird and Wonderful Iced teas here. 

#7 Hibiscus - The Drink for the Festival of the Dead

Flor de Jamaica / Agua de Jamaica (Hibiscus Flower Water) carries a vivid ruby colour and is drunk throughout the Mexican festival - Day of the Dead. 

#6 Chocolate Tea - Licking GOOOD

The thing with chocolate is that you can add it to just about anything and make it taste all very tasty! Including a person you want to lick (try chocolate body paint)! So why not Chocolate tea?

#5 Fizz Up Your Tea - a DIFFERENT bubble tea

You know bubble tea - those instant tea drinks with the black chewy pearls? 

Here is a different kind of bubble tea! Try soda water with tea! Quite honestly this is NOT BAD at all! 

#4 Roasted Barley - Maybe it will remind you of beer?

Cold barley tea? A little weird? Actually it is very common in Korea. It may bend your mind a bit to start, but once you try it, you might be hooked. 

It is great for digestion. Hot and chilled are both nice.

#3 Tofu Shake - Yucky? No, Only Shaky ;)

Not all healthy drinks are weird! This one sounds weird, but if you think soya milk is an acceptable addition to your tea, this ain't all that crazy.

 #2 Old and Chilled - Not from Cryo Lab

In fact, Orange Puerh is created with a tea traditionally more grounded and masculine. This is a beautiful tea to finish off your dinner or BBQ. It helps digestion and has a wonderful citrus taste. 

 #1 Yin-Yang - Not for the Faint Hearted

The black and the white, the dark and the light...the coffee AND the tea...there is a way to harmony...

If you find yourself in one of those moods that you want a bit of both worlds, come, try this potent mix. Warning - don't try this at night. You might not find any restful sleep after!