Advanced Origami

An artist's guide to folding techniques and paper, wth free DVD included.

- by Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander

This book is dedicated to uplevel your folding skills in origami. The results are amazing art form that would make you rethink origami beyond little fold up napkin or paper crane.

The book starts with reviewing the origami basics - from selecting the right paper to colouring to folding accurately. It is a pleasant exploration to some of the finer techniques and understanding of the art and science of origami.

There are two kinds of origami - the ones that just fold and the ones that manipulate the paper with techniques such as wetting the paper. This book focuses on the latter, to achieve much more organic, natural curves.

This book presents a selection of challenging paper folding projects that celebrate the nature. You will find mantis, bats and hummingbirds, just to name a few. 

Origami is mathematics made into art. It is a mental challenge similar to doing puzzles - sometimes you need to go microscopic in your thinking, folding, unfolding and refolding to get the fold right. Other times, you need to sit back and inspect the bigger picture before working on the next step.

Because many advanced models are not easily shown in diagrams, a DVD is provided to demonstrate the folds, making it easier to follow to accomplish the desired form or shape.  

Advanced Origami by Tuttle Publishing

Origami is in many ways like tea. It doesn't need a lot of equipment, yet the studies of its art can go deep and its magic can be mesmerizing. 

In this way, tea and origami is a perfect pair. And if you are so over paper crane, try "Advanced Origami". It will keep you up all night, as it did for me, working on and working the folds again and again. Gosh, such a good brain tease - this Advanced Origami thing! book giveaway - 12 weeks to Christmas
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