An illustrated modern reader of The Classic of Tea

An illustrated modern reader of The Classic of Tea

- by Wu Juenong and translated by Tony Blishen

The classic of Tea was written in the eighth century by China's Tang Dynasty (618 – 907) author Lu Yu. 

It was the first complete and comprehensive book of its kind dealing with all things tea. And as such, Lu Yu has ever since been regarded by Chinese as the god of tea.

In this updated version, An Illustrated Modern Reader of The Classic of Tea, Wu Juenong has bridged the time gap of approximately one thousand years of history with his commentary.

While I feel that Wu's commentary can stand on its own merits, by having Lu Yu's classic conjoined, it allows a reader like myself to comprehend what was, what is and what has changed. Valuable insights for somebody like myself as a tea merchant.

It is of great appreciation that Tony Blishen has kept the translation into English as plain everyday language, with only the essential technical terms kept.

This makes this book easy for those wishing to learn more about tea easy to get into. And I would recommend it for those wishing to start somewhere, to start here!

And what is not said in words, it is said in pictures. With lots of illustrations to reference from. book giveaway - 12 weeks to Christmas
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