Darjeeling Indian Black Tea

This medium strength Indian black tea has been known as the “Champagne of tea” for its mix of floral and slightly smoky astringent taste.

History of Darjeeling tea can be traced back to 1839.

Darjeeling has done a bit of work in their "branding". Comparing to many other Indian and Ceylon tea, Darjeeling has established itself as a "single estate" tea rather than generic black tea like many others. 

The result is many signature flavour profiles can be named and purchased by name. It gives greater profit to the tea farmers than selling their products as nameless generic black tea to be fed into the teabag production. 

Darjeeling is generally priced as a higher grade tea and it's priced often double or triple a "nameless" Indian black tea. 

Our favourite includes Darjeeling from Margaret's Hope and Snowview (Organic).

Typically drunk without milk. Recent years there are darjeeling green tea and white tea varieties available in the market.

Surprisingly Darjeeling black tea tastes a bit like the Chinese Pai Mu Tan white tea! You've got to try them both!