Decaff Tea

Q: Hi, do you sell decaffeinated tea? I was told green tea has no caffeine but I like black tea with sugar…suggestions?

A: Thanks for our email. I am sorry to break this to you, green tea actually has caffeine.

Caffeine naturally exists in ALL tea – green, black, white, oolong are the 4 common kinds. Decaffeination is a bit confusing, as it doesn’t remove ALL caffeine. It is a chemical process, and we don’t like that, as it makes taste washed out.

We suggest:

Want to totally stay away from caffeine? Try herbal or fruit infusions – many find Rooibos, the South African red bush tea, a fantastic replacement as you can drink it with milk and sugar just like a standard black tea.

Many have also learned the trick of “natural decaffeination” – ditch the first quick infusion (for 30 seconds) of your favourite tea to remove most of the caffeine, as caffeine is water soluble. Pour in fresh water and brew according to taste, or the brewing suggestion. (It won't remove all caffeine, but a good deal of it)

If you like black tea with sweetener, perhaps try the Cocoa Haven black tea or vanilla rooibos – carob pieces in former and vanilla in latter will make the tea seemingly sweet…

Enquiry sent 12/6/12, replied 12/6/12